Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Amazigh Kateb - Marchez Noir (2009)

Amazigh Kateb - Marchez Noir

01 Bonjour
02 Koma
03 Dima Ntou
04 Africain
05 Chante Avec Moi
06 Amral' Guerba
07 Mociba
08 Michel Choukrane
09 Sans Histoire
10 I Wanna Tcheefly
11 Dounia
12 Ma Tribu

132MB | 320KB | 2009


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Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Al Jarreau - Tenderness (1994)

For "Tenderness," singer Al Jarreau combined the best aspects of the studio and a live setting. He invited not only an allstar band but also a small audience of fans and friends into an L.A. studio. The result is the best possible environment for an Al Jarreau album. He responds with the fluid, ornamental vocal lines he's famous for. He does a fine job with the snaking rhythms of Jorge Ben's standard "Més que mada" and with the sentimental hook of Goffin & King's "Go Away Little Girl." Jarreau still can't resist the temptation to sing three notes where one will do; this is especially obvious on his overly cluttered duet with opera diva Kathleen Battle on Rodgers & Hammerstein's "My Favorite Things." --Geoffrey Himes

Al Jarreau - Tenderness

01 Mas Que Nada
02 Try A Little Tenderness
03 Your Song
04 My Favorite Things
05 She's Leaving Home
06 Summertime [From Porgy and Bess]
07 We Got By
08 Save Your Love For Me
09 You Don't See Me
10 Wait for The Magic
11 Dinosaur
12 Go Away Little Girl

87MB | 160KB | 1994


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