Monday, April 7, 2008

Naseer Shamma & Oyoun - Hilal

Naseer Shamma established Al-Oyoin Group in Cairo in 1999 based on the workshop system which gives the musician a high value in the musical field and in his relationship with the instrument he plays. With our use of musical instruments for which the traditional Arabic orchestra (Al-Takht) was known, we introduced other instruments that were added to the traditional Takht. As we know the Takht is a form of a band consisted of more or less than five musicians not more than seven which was favored at the Abbasid era, and specifically during the days of Haroun Al-Rasheed and subsequent eras. The Takht was always present and changed commensurate with to the type of music and the prevailing cultural atmosphere.

Track List:

01 Hali Bihi Yahlo
02 Bein Elnakhil
03 Halat Wayd
04 Hilal Al Saba
05 Zaman al-Nahawand
06 Taalim Huriyya
07 Ishraq
08 Lil Ruh Hadith
09 Subhan El Dayem

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