Thursday, October 9, 2008

Gnawa Diffusion - Souk System (2003)

Gnawa Diffusion is an Algerian Gnawa music band based. The group's lead singer, Amazigh (literally meaning 'Free Man' in the Tamazight), is the son of the Algerian writer and poet Kateb Yacine. Although there is a strong Gnawa influence, the band is noted for its mix of reggae and roots music.

This is a list of the members of the band:

* Amazigh Kateb : Vocal and Gumbri
* Mohamed Abdenour : Mandolin, Banjo, Krakebs, Choir
* Pierre Bonnet : Bass
* Philippe Bonnet : Drums
* Salah Meguiba : Keyboard, Oriental Percussion , Choir
* Pierre Feugier : Guitar, Choir, Krakebs
* Amar Chaoui : Percussionist, Choir

Gnawa Diffusion is very popular in Algeria and is renowned in many other countries like Morocco and France.

01 Métropole
02 Déca-Dance
03 Itchak El Baz
04 Lalla Mira El Gnawia
05 El Hadia
06 Charla-Town
07 Match Bettikh
08 Douga Douga
09 Baraket
10 Ya Laymi
11 Djelsa
12 Tête à tête avec Baghdad
13 Saki Baki
14 Guelb ou Dem

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